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For most of my adult life, I have been traveling the world with an end goal in mind- to help better the lives of individuals, families, and children around the world. Unfortunately, to help the impoverished and vulnerable, I had to engage in combat operations. I spent 17 years in the Marine Corps, detouring terrorism and criminal groups that prey on the vulnerable. During my time in the Marines, I had the great privilege to become a Recon Marine, Scout Sniper, Marine Raider, and many other titles that enhanced my ability to protect. Unlike many others in my community, my story is not about a successful military career, yet it is about what I had experienced during my time serving others. I hope to share my stories to you so you can better yourself and the community you influence.


"I once taught how to take life, now I teach how to live life."


Christopher McCormick


My purpose for this organization is to help all demographics who aspire to be a better version of oneself,to best understand the many challenges and obstacles that you will face throughout your career. Whether your goal is to create synergy within your team, accomplish a long-term goal, or to become the best version of yourself, this organization is here to assist you in your process.


With my many years of experience working in an elite military team, partnering with volunteer services (NGO's), and assisting foreign government agencies, my purpose is to educate and guide you among important topics like how to become the best leader in your industry.

As you read my experiences through my blogs or decide to partner with me, we will tackle everyday issues and work through friction points like (teamwork, talent management, dedication, and mindset) while achieving your goals in becoming a better version of yourself.


Based upon your reason for connecting with me, I will have many goals for each of you to master. However, my ultimate goal for you is that you understand your purpose, your reason, and your motive for your goals.


Many people believe they want to reach the highest level of success such as joining the special forces or becoming a CEO, but little do they understand the sacrifices and self-discipline it takes to accomplish this.

Another goal that I have for you- Is for you to understand what it will take for you to get there; For you to identify what you will risk in the process; And, for you to accept that you will not be the same person as you are today when you achieve what you are pursuing.


Lastly, I want you to embrace the challenge and be honest and open with yourself, your family, and your team of what it will take for you to accomplish your goals and dreams!


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